Scope Creep is when we find we are committing our time and energy to a project, only to discover that our clients responsibilities and expectations are growing far beyond the initial requirements.

This can lead to additional stress, time and addition costs to Draknet.

Once a project has commenced, a certain allowance is made for scope creep. If a significant amount of scope creep takes place and deemed necessary by Draknet a halt will be called to the project and a re-costing will take place. The project will continue once the costing has been signed off and agreed upon.

What is Scope Creep?

Scope Creep is a term used when the magnitude of a project exceeds or creeps past the boundaries of its original goals and objectives.

Characteristics of Scope Creep in Web Design

Scope creep has many different appearances for me. It is a result of my clients often wanting to add additional features to their original request as they have learned about them from colleagues or when they have visited other websites. Some of the common forms of scope creep include:

  1. Fresh images on each site visit
  2. Unlimited images, galleries and slideshows
  3. Company Logo’s, Letterheads, Business Cards and Flyers
  4. Page counters
  5. Web copy and content writing
  6. Creating additional pages
  7. Change of look and feel of website once completed
  8. Blogging services
  9. Social media account set up and management
  10. Social media icons and feeds
  11. Periodic updates
  12. SEO services
  13. Training

Clients make the error in assuming that the above are included in designing or redesigning a website.

If clients want these services included they need to add them to their project agreement at an additional cost. Clients need to be very specific if they require periodic site updates and how often is “periodic?


Scope creep may appear in a variety of forms, these three causes of scope creep are common to me.

  1. My clients do not always clearly tell me what they want because they simply don’t understand what I can do for them.
  2. I find that scope creep can magnify as a result of a unclear web design project, this leads additional time, resources and costs.
  3. I find that my clients like to slide in a few extra project requirements which does not form part of the original agreement. I find it much easier for us to communicate fees for extra work if I can point out that the work is outside of the agreed upon deliverables.

Impact of Scope Creep on Web Design Projects

Scope creep has many negative results. It can increase my workload and lead to stress in the design process, as well as it could decrease the quality of my work. The added work can either pull me away from work for my other clients, or force me to pay wages to a subcontractor to complete the extra tasks. In some cases, it means me having to going back to make additional changes to work we have already completed.

How do we do we combat this?

When requesting a quote for  website OR purchasing one of the current Draknet Specials 

A form will be sent to the customer which is filled in as much detail as possible. This will allow for a quote to be generated using the provided details. These will be things like color scheme, websites of competitors that you like, describe your business etc etc. IF WRITTEN CONTENT, PHOTOS or LOGOS have to be created from scratch, then the client will be invoiced accordingly for this.

This completed form along with initial emails will be the basis for the project outline that will be quoted upon. Any deviations to this will be charged extra as per the Terms and Conditions